Lithium Disilicate Press on Zirconia

Amber LiSi POZ

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Strength & Esthetic


More Lifelike

Amber® LiSi-POZ veneering has similar translucency to the enamel layer of natural teeth and the translucency of zirconia framework is simialar to that of dentin of natural teeth. High esthetic of Amber® LiSi-POZ enables it to replace a damaged natural teeth perfectly.

380MPa Strength

3 higher

Amber® LiSi-POZ offers three times higher flexural strength than convertional veneering materials for Zirconia. After pressing the flexural strength is over 380 MPa

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High as monolithic zirconia

The fatigue fracture strength of restorations made from Zirconia framework and Amber® LiSi-POZ is as high as monolithic zirconia crown

45MPa Tensile Bond Strength

The tensile bond strength of resoraton made from bonding between zirconia framework and Amber® LiSi-POZ is over 45 MPa.




Various Indications

Amber® LiSi-POZ can be applied to various indications.


Cantilever bridges

3-unit bridges

Premolar bridges

Maryland bridges

Implant support crowns and bridges

Longspan and curved bridges

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