Lithium Disilicate PressIngots

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AmberPress R1020

Superior Strength

Higher flexural strength than
conventional LS2 pressable marterials

Flexural strength of 460MPa superior
to the other lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots

Esthetic Result

Amber® Press helps to create highly esthetic and
natural-looking dental restorations
which provides patients with the confidence to
smile beautifully.

Restoration courtesy of CDT. Pyung Yun Park

amber press

Simple and Safe

After pressing, very little reaction layer remains on
Amber® Press

No need to apply the acid liquid for cleaning up,
thereby a simple and non-hazardous process

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Compatible with Various Veneering Materials

Amber® Press ingonts are compatible with various veneering marterials

Staining technique
Cut-back technique
Layering technique
- IPS e.max ceram (Ivoclar Vivadent) *
- Initial LiSi (GC) *
- VINTAGE LD Procelain (Shofu) *
- Initial Zr-FS (GC) **
- Creation ZI-F (Creation Willi Geller) **

*,** Not registerd trade mark of HASS Corp
** If you use Initial Zr-FS(GS) or Creation ZI-F(Creation Willi Geller),
   we recommend follow the Amber® Press Guidelines.

Diverse Shade Option

Amber® Press provides three levels of translucency and over 34 shades ovarall.
It will make any restoration come to life.

Various Indications

Amber® Press can be applied to various indications.




Anterior Single Crown

Posterior Single Crown

3-Unit Bridge
* up to the second Premolar

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