Award by Dental Advisor

HASSBIO’s Amber Mill and Amber Mill DIRECT products have been awarded TOP LAB PERFORMER: CERAMIC BLOCK in the 2023 Dental Advisor.

Dental Advisor is an independent product evaluation organization that verifies and reviews treatment materials and devices used in dentistry. 

The organization evaluates products based on quality, efficacy, durability, and other factors considered by dental experts, and provides objective evaluations and reviews of the products. 

Therefore, products that receive awards from Dental Advisor are evaluated as highly recognized products in their respective fields.

HASSBIO is continuously launching new technologies and products in a wide range of dental fields through innovative research and development and sustained investment. 

The company will continue to apply its own technology and know-how in the development and production of products, and provide better products to doctors, dental technicians, and patients.

HASSBIO team will continue to strive to provide high-quality products to customers by applying our top-notch technology and expertise in the development and production of products.

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